There are … how many osteopathy blogs?

Microblog this week..

I was delighted to be in the list of Feedspot’s top 35 osteopathy blogs, but my second emotion was surprise, that there even ARE 35 osteopathy blogs.  You can find them here.  So much to read, so little time. As I looked down the list, I found quite a few that I didn’t know about, and a couple that weren’t featured but which I would have put in there in the top ten.  So here they are, to add to my personal list:

  1. Monica Noy’s Painstaking Blog which, like osteofm, is more addressed to therapists than patients, and which has some really interesting material on the science of pain and critical thinking.  Monica also shares much of her personal journey through osteopathy with us.
  2. Bevis Nathan’s Blog, which has some great exercises and tips and thoughts on mindbody topics like somatic experiencing, anxiety, trauma, and is interesting for both practitioners and patients.  In fact, I’ve used a couple of his exercises for patients recently and find his approach really interesting.
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