Speed reads of the osteopath magazine

theosteopath magazine is the magazine issued every two months by the General Osteopathic Council, under the expert editorship of Jeremy Pinel. You will find news, articles, advice, book reviews, ads, and the things the GOsC need to inform us about.

I speak as a reformed anti-establishment osteopath, so disengaged that a glance through the courses and job vacancies was the closest I came to reading it over my eighteen years (and counting) of being a professional osteopath.  So believe me when I say that it actually contains a wealth of information and help for us out there in the wilderness.

It does actually take a while to read, though, and some of it is by necessity quite detailed and dry, as the finer points of tax law or the grey areas of legal consent are examined.  And I know we all have busy lives to lead – and so much osteopathic material we simply can’t find the time to read:  Aches and Pains, Magoun, that huge new autobiography of AT Still, David Butler’s Sensitive Nervous System, Game of Thrones, Tattoo Fixers, First Dates…sorry, I think my mind wandered there for a moment…So this is why I decided to help all those similarly time-afflicted by conveying to you all the juicy bits, important bits and useful links right here for you to decide for yourself what you need to look at closer.

From most recent to oldest:

the osteopath Dec 2015/Jan 16

the osteopath Oct/Nov 2015

the osteopath Aug/Sept 2015

the osteopath June/July 2015