Touch and Palpation – a reading list courtesty of Monica Noy

Having been rightly admonished by Monica for my poor understanding of pain neuroscience (we didn’t do it when I was at college many moons ago, and it’s taken me a while to cotton on) she kindly provided a curated reading list.  Most of them are surprsingly easy and fun reading.  If you are very keen on study in this area, this selection is taken from a more extensive list originally posted on Facebook by Sigurrd Mikkelsen which you can find here.

Monica’s personal favourite is this one – Diane Jacobs’ Dermoneuromodulation references (55 pages)

[That link is to a long list of references but her page always looks excellent. Penny]

and by way of introduction to that, this might be a good place to start – Dermoneuromodulation. What?! Another Technique 

“The Power of Touch” on Psychology Today

“The Science of Touch and Emotion” on Berkeley Science Review

“Acute Pain Is Eased With the Touch of A Hand” on PHYSORG

“Scientists Identify Key Cells in Touch Sensation” on Scicasts:

“A Mind About Touch”, a 5 min vid on Brainfacts

“The Skin As A Social Organ”, open access in Experimental Brain Research

“The Social and Personality Neuroscience of Empathy For Pain and Touch”, open access in Frontiers in Human Neuroscience:

Palpatory Pareidolia

There is no skill in manual therapy

Facebook:  Monica also recommends Touch Science, a closed group.