Great websites and blogs

BLOGS and WEBSITES   Go here for loads of really useful articles and tips about pain.  It’s written by Paul Ingraham, an ex-massage therapist who now reads and researches extensively on pain.  A fantastic writer who makes learning a joy.  Some osteopaths disagree with some of his conclusions (NB the same could be said of anyone is this field, I guess).

Pain in the neck – notes from a neck pain clinic.  This is Chris Worsfold’s site.  A physiotherapist who practises in Kent and knows a great deal about neck pain.  I found a recent talk of his really useful for managing whiplash patients.

Osteopathic Research Web. Perhaps we have more research than we realise.  This is a user friendly apple-green themed database of more than 600 dissertation abstracts.  It was set up in 1999 by the Vienna School of Osteopathy.  (Lovely images of dancing horses and Mozart chocolates have entered my head). The BSO, ESO and BCOM are well represented here, along with the Vienna, Barcelona and other schools.  

Sports Physio Adam Meakins Funny, down to earth and refreshingly iconoclastic. This guy is a shoulder physio who cuts through the proverbial with ease.  Very good writer.

Becoming more human  Neil Maltby is a physio I think, and writes on a deeper level about what we are all doing in the treatment room.

osteofiles  This is an anonymous blog – either that or I couldn’t find the details of the person behind it – but really interesting “comment on uk osteopathy and related research” – Monica Noy is an osteopath based in Canada, I believe, and is a critical thinker.  If you go to her site and click on “painstakings” you will find some interesting things to read, on palpation, the state of osteopathy, and research amongst others.

London Osteo CPD Facebook page  Kiran runs this well, often something interesting on there, not just about CPD.

Osteopathy Discussion Group  This is, I think, largely an Australian Facebook page.  It has lots of lively discussion and many British members.


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