Hello world!

Have you ever wondered if there are other osteopaths out there like you?  Other osteopaths curious to know things like,  how many osteopaths are still manipulating necks? How reliable is the SLR, really? What do classical osteopaths actually do?  When will there be some decent evidence for cranial?  How do we engage the skeptics? DO we engage the skeptics?  Am I a skeptic? And do you ever think, while you’re stretching out gluteal muscles and inhibiting suboccipitals, wouldn’t it be handy if someone could be trawling the media for me for news about osteopathy, gleaning useful tips from the latest research, attending talks, and generally keeping up to date with what is going on within the profession?  With no effort on your part, you could get home, sit back with a nice cup of tea (or a G and T, whatever is your reward for another hard day at the treatment table) and simply absorb in bite size form selected morsels of osteopathic opinion, happenings, debate and information.  It will all be there at the click of a mouse.  And better still, you can share, care, discuss, debate, schmooze, groove, connect and generally hang out  with other osteopaths without leaving the warmth and comfort of your ergonomically designed chair.

Osteo FM has only just appeared in the world, and like all newborns it will be asleep for long periods of time (while its frazzled parents try to figure out what they’re meant to be doing), then wake up unexpectedly at strange times and make a bit of noise.  It will take a while to learn to walk and talk, but every so often when you take a look you might find it is growing, developing, becoming more intelligible and finding its feet and its place in the world.  Who knows?  Before long you might find it hard to imagine life without it.


Now it's over to you, please have your say

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