What does Google tell us about osteopaths?

Search engines have an autocomplete function.  I decided to type some incomplete phrases into Google and Yahoo to see what they might reveal about the general public’s views of osteopathy.  Somewhat demoralized, I made myself feel better by doing the same with chiropractors, physiotherapists and doctors.   I came up with the following snapshot: issues of quackery, safety and the need for clarification about what we all do (and if we are doctors or not) seem to come up across the board.

Osteopaths are …..

osteopaths are quacks

osteopaths are not real doctors

osteopaths are they quacks

osteopaths are doctors

Osteopathy is ……

Osteopathy is it quackery

Osteopathy is bullshit

Osteopathy is fake

Osteopathy is it safe

Osteopathy is dead

Cranial Osteopathy….. 

Cranial osteopathy is it safe

Cranial osteopathy what is it

Cranial osteopathy baby what is it

Cranial osteopathy is dead

Chiropractors are…..

Chiropractors are they safe

Chiropractors are frauds

Chiropractors are not doctors

Chiropractors are they any good

Chiropractic is…….

Chiropractic is a scam

Chiropractic is it safe

Chiropractic is life

Chiropractic is quackery

Chiropractic is a hoax

Chiropractic is a joke

Chiropractic is it worth it

Chiropractic is not medicine

Chiropractic is it legitimate

Chiropractic is it good for you

Physiotherapists are…….

Physiotherapists are useless

Physiotherapists are doctors

Physiotherapists are not doctors

Physiotherapy is…….

Physiotherapy is it a good career

Physiotherapy is used for

Physiotherapy is what

Physiotherapy is a bad career

Doctors are……..

Doctors are useless

Doctors are idiots

Doctors are underpaid

Doctors are boring

Food for thought…


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