Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

I’m signing off till the New Year now, but just want to say thank you to everyone in 2015 who has been so encouraging and supportive of this fledgling osteopathy blog.

I’ve been having a ball writing this.  What began as a vague idea to have a bit of a career change, and maybe try to set up some sort of osteopathy website, has turned into a really enjoyable adventure into the worlds of osteopathy, social media, skepticism and other manual therapy disciplines.  I’ve learnt how to use twitter, how to set up a blog, I’ve met the people who staff the GOsC, I’ve chatted to Edzard Ernst and Simon Singh, I’ve read books and research I never knew about, I’ve discovered the biopsychocial movement, I’ve been invited to talk at skeptical societies and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed myself in the process.

Now it’s time to take a break, and emerge from blog fog to focus my mind on glazing hams and building pomegranate meringue mountains, but I will be back again in 2016.  I’m excited to see what the year holds in store for osteopathy.

A few people to thank

Thanks mostly to Carl, my ever supportive husband who has been unfailing in his encouragement and sensible advice, and to my children for making me want to do something that makes them proud.  Also all the osteopaths (and others) who have generously liked and disseminated what I have written (Emma, Clare, Jill, Daniel, Steve Vogel and more), the friends who have chatted it over with me and given me direction (especially Rebecca and Mark),  the skeptical scientists who have been charming and interested, and the people in the osteopathic world (Christian, Brigid, Matthew, Tim, Alison and more) who have formed part of the positive and welcoming foundation which has given me the confidence to keep going.


Now it's over to you, please have your say

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