Guest blog: An Osteopathic Sea-Change

A guest spot today.  Monica Noy is an osteopath in Canada who has actually done some proper serious research into palpation, and is also very engaged with the issues of the day in osteopathy.  She wrote a response to a blog I wrote called Bluff your way into the Osteopathic Zeitgeist, and has given me permission to link to it from here.  I am guessing lots of you have read it – I have seen it circulated widely on Twitter and Facebook, but for those of you who are not bound to social media day and night, she has some interesting views that you might have missed.  Once you’ve read this piece, go on to her other blogs.  They are under her heading Painstakings on the top banner.  I particularly love her piece on Palpation and Cognitive Dissonance.

Monica Noy – An Osteopathic Sea-Change?


2 thoughts on “Guest blog: An Osteopathic Sea-Change

    • My pleasure. I was really pleased someone had taken the time to read mine and think about it a step further. I am really enjoying the discussion on osteo discussion forum too. I had a quick look at Jose Palomar’s website.


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