Evidence Based Physical Therapy Conference 2016 -feedback and reflection

I thought this might be of interest, especially wrt pain science and cause health. Really nice and clearly written account, includes stuff about manipulation safety, Mick Thacker, and plenty more

Simple Physiotherapy

As most of us do after attending CPD events, we reflect on how we may change our practise or something entirely new that we may incorporate. I thought I would put my reflections on here for myself to revisit and for anyone that is interested in what some of the speakers had to say at this year’s ‘Evidence Based Physical Therapy’ conference which was well worth the attendance.

First of all, I think I have to open up with the fact I didn’t like the fact they were naming the conference ‘Physical Therapy’ when the conference was held in the UK and all but one of the speakers were from the UK, but it didn’t take long for me to get over that little bugbear.

So first up was the very entertaining, intelligent and politically-biased Dr Mick Thacker. For any of those who don’t know Mick, he is a…

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