The 10 Worst Types of Therapist

The Sports Physio

If you are the sensitive type, or like your blogs a little more serious, then you may not want to read on any further.

However, if you do decide to read on and you begin to feel angry or agitated, then you may want to ask yourself why? Is it that I’ve touched a nerve and some of these traits are uncomfortably familiar in yourself? If so, don’t panic, there is some advice on what to do at the end!

Let me also make it crystal clear that I am addressing all therapy professions here, physios, osteos, chiros, sports, remedial, soft tissue etc etc, I refer to you all equally and cast you all under the same scrutiny, in equal measure. No profession in my opinion can claim superiority over another.

So without further ado, lets get started and look at the 10 worst types of therapist…

Like it or…

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